Competition Winners' Trip to South Korea

Competition Winners' Trip to South Korea

Two students from Internationella Engelska Skolan Lund recently visited Seoul after their performance in problem-solving competition Enlightening Imagination.

This is an account written by Elisabeth Dierschke Passikhani and Alva Brant about their time in South Korea:

Our school IES Lund competed in the competition Enlightening Imagination at Vattenhallen. The task was to, using the material 4D Frame, build a model of something that would help the environment in any way. We built a machine that collects and recycles garbage from the streets or the sea, and we won! We then got to make a video which we sent to Stockholm, to compete against all the other winners in Sweden. We were very happy when we got the message that our invention won!

The prize was to travel to Seoul, South Korea, and compete in the big international 4D Frame Competition, IMSCC. There were four other teams from Sweden, so in total, there were 10 students and 15 adults.

During the first day, we got to visit the 4D Frame head office. It was really cool to see all the constructions and also meet the founder of 4D Frame. The next day, we got a chance to practice building a little bit before the competition. The task for the competition was to build a “roller coaster” for a marble, using a foam board as a base. It was a bit hard since we never had built using a foam board before, but we prepared as much as we could.

Then it was competition day! During the opening ceremony they played our video on the big screen four times! There were about 60 teams in our category. We sat on the floor and built for two hours. It was hard because it was so stressful, but it was also really fun. We got to work as a team and even though many of the teams from other countries had prepared and practiced much more, we did our best. We placed 12th in the competition, and won a bronze medal. Even though we didn’t win, we were proud!

The remaining days, we spent being tourists in Korea. We got to take part of the culture and see the capital, which was really cool and interesting. For example, we visited a palace, the Korean Folk Village where we took part of old Korean traditions, and the Samsung D’light exhibition. We also got to go up in both the Seoul Tower and Lotte Tower, which was amazing. The Korean food was very good but very spicy!

One day, we visited a Korean high school where we got to work in teams with the students and come up with inventions. It was really fun and we all learnt a lot, at the same time as we got new friends!

We were invited to dinner with some pre-school teachers, and another day with the founder of 4D Frame and the president of the competition. We were treated as VIPs and the Korean people were so nice to us.

Overall, we learnt a lot that we can take with us in life, for example we practiced our team working skills and working under stress. It was also an eye-opener to see how much you can do with 4D Frame, and we learnt more about technology. We got many new friends, both koreans and swedes from all over the country. We are really happy about the trip!


Placing newborn children in the queue

Placing newborn children in the queue

A new system in place from January 2018 will make the process of applying to Internationella Engelska Skolan’s schools throughout Sweden fairer than ever.

Parents will now be asked to wait until February 1, the year after their child is born, to make an application for a place.

This new intake process will ensure that children born in December have the same chance to obtain a place as those born in January.

The move has been made to counter a problem which saw classes becoming oversubscribed before children reached their first birthday.

Fredrik Åkerman, acting CEO of Internationella Engelska Skolan, said: “We have always been proud to operate our queues on a first-come, first-served basis, to ensure that every family had the same chance of obtaining a place.  In the past the only exception to this has been one to ensure that siblings from the same family can attend the same school.

“We have become a victim of our own success. Today there are 154,000 applications to our queue, which puts a huge amount of pressure on the 24,000 school places we are able to offer.  Some of our schools are seven-times oversubscribed every year, and we have seen a trend where parents are registering earlier and earlier to ensure their children receive a place.

“In the past we have sought to relieve pressure from the queue by opening new schools, for example we opened four new schools this year, but there is a limit to how many schools we can open each year, particularly as we refuse to compromise on quality, and so something else needed to change."

The new system will apply to any children born from 1 January 2018.  When applying to add a newborn child to the queue, parents will now receive a message asking them to wait until 1 February the year after their child was born.

This will mean that all families have the same chance of getting a place at the school, whether their new children have been born just before or immediately after new years eve.

Mr Åkerman explained: “Several schools highlighted to us that the system we have always used would soon no longer function. Queues at these schools were filling up before any children had reached their first birthday, despite the fact that these schools start in grade four or six. This is a trend that was not going to go away, so we needed to find a solution.

“We know that some parents will be disappointed that they cannot register their newborn children right away, but it is important that we create a system which is fair for everyone.”

The new system is the second change to the queue at IES schools in recent years.  This year some IES schools are trialling a new system introduced by the government to allow schools to allow a percentage of students who are newly arrived in Sweden to use a special separate queue to enter the school.  This is also a change which has been made for fairness, as these students have not had the possibility to apply until they received their national identity number (personnummer).

To apply for a place at one of the 34 existing schools Internationella Engelska Skolan runs in Sweden, or the new schools we will open next year, visit:


A new CEO appointed for Internationella Engelska Skolan.

A new CEO has been chosen to lead Internationella Engelska Skolan in providing the best possible education to students throughout Sweden, and further afield.

From Thursday, 1 March, 2018, Annette Brodin Rampe will take on the role of CEO. She brings with her a wealth of leadership experience, including at multinationals such as Brunswick Group and E.ON.

She said: “I have watched the development of Internationella Engelska Skolan with interest and I am delighted to take a key role in driving the organisation from strength to strength.

“I have been impressed by the constant drive to provide the highest quality of education for all students, whether that was 650 students in 2002, or as many as 24,000 today.

"The schools’ ethos - which sees it provide a safe, calm environment, focus on each student reaching their full academic potential and teach students to command the English language - is clearly very popular. To have 154,000 occupied queue places shows the confidence that parents and students place in Internationella Engelska Skolan.

“While this demand creates a real pressure to grow year-on-year, the focus among staff remains on ensuring quality every day, and that is something I respect and support.

“As a board member for the Swedish-British Chamber of Commerce, I have seen how important it is for Swedes to command the English language.  Sweden is a country that often punches well above its weight in the world, and IES is helping ensure this remains the case.”

Per Båtelson, the Chairman of IES, welcomed Ms Brodin Rampe to the organisation.

He said: “We are very happy that Annette Brodin Rampe has agreed to take on the position as new CEO of IES. She has long and extensive experience from leading and advising companies both in the public and private sectors. Annette has worked in geographical markets that are relevant for IES and has shown that she is a strong leader of service driven organisations.”

Ms Brodin Rampe will leave her position as Managing Partner Europe within Brunswick Group LLP, global advisor on strategic communication, crisis communication, change processes and public affairs. She had been with Brunswick since 2007, when she joined Brunswick Nordic AB as a Senior Partner, with a focus of developing the company and its business in the Nordic Region.

She has also been Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at E.ON Sverige AB and CEO of Senea. She holds a MSc in Industrial Chemistry and started her career at Exxon Chemical. She is also Chairman of the Board of Stillfront Group AB, Board member of Ferronordic Machines AB and will remain in a minor role as Senior Advisor to Brunswick Group.

Ms Brodin Rampe will work closely with the organisation's Chief Financial Officer, Mr Fredrik Åkerman, who stepped up as acting CEO and will now return to his role as the company's CFO. Mt Åkerman will remain as acting CEO until Wednesday, 28 February, 2018.

Principal chosen for IES Sundbyberg

Principal chosen for IES Sundbyberg

An experienced manager with a background in schools as well as the communication business has been chosen as the Principal of Internationella Engelska Skolan’s new school in Sundbyberg.
Ms Sofia Kinberg is a qualified principal with an economic and school management master's degree. She has held management positions working internationally in the public and private sector and recently moved back to Sweden after living and working in London. Now she is bringing the experience and the managerial skills developed throughout her career to IES Sundbyberg.
She said: “Management and leadership is universal. It is all about how to lead and manage an operation, no matter if it is a factory or a school. We work with people and leadership is the key for success to bring out the best of each person - staff, student and teachers. At IES our ethos is the foundation of how we perform and we are proud to have schools in Sweden which offer students bilingualism, high academic expectations and a safe and orderly environment. It is with great honour and respect that I undertake the role as the new Principal at IES Sundbyberg and I look forward to meeting and working with all new students, staff, teachers and parents.”
Ms Kinberg has worked within education with a wide variety of age groups within compulsory education, from kindergarten until the end of secondary school. She recently worked in school management at IES Bromma, as an Assistant Principal where she was a key part of the management team with a focus on school development and systematic quality work. As part of this role she was the line manager for student care, teachers and the heads-of-year in senior school.
The acting CEO of Internationella Engelska Skolan, Mr Fredrik Åkerman, welcomed her appointment as Principal in Sundbyberg.

He said: “Ms Kinberg is an exceptional candidate who brings a wealth of real-world management experience to the role.  When she first joined the company a year ago, we mutually agreed that the most important thing was that she work closely with one of our Principals, to ensure she learnt to transfer her skills back into school-management. With this in mind she has spent a year working closely with Mr Marcus Segerstedt, the Principal of our school in Bromma.”

The time spent in management at Internationella Engelska Skolan Bromma has been a good chance for Ms Kinberg to learn more about the organisation and its values, and also an opportunity to make her mark.

Mr Åkerman continued: “I have been impressed by how swiftly she has understood our organisation and by her professionalism. I am confident in her ability to lead our school in Sundbyberg, both during its development, and subsequently as a fully operational school.”

Ms Kinberg will officially take on her post as Principal of Sundyberg in January, and will then work closely with colleagues from Internationella Engelska Skolan’s head office in recruiting her team and overseeing the transformation of the building into a first-class school ready to accept its first students in August 2018.

By late spring, once Ms Kinberg has appointed capable administrators, the school will start to offer places to students who hope to start in August 2018. This will be done on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information or to join the queue for the school, visit


Principal chosen for IES Länna

Principal chosen for IES Länna

A competent and experienced educator with a strong history at Internationella Engelska Skolan has now been chosen as the Principal of IES Länna.

American Ms Julie Kelly, who has been Assistant Principal at our successful school in Halmstad, has agreed to lead the brand new 4-9 school.

She will start work in January and making sure that the construction of the building and recruitment of teaching staff go smoothly will be at the top of her list of her priorities.

She said: “My name is Julie Kelly, and I am excited to join you in Länna as your principal at the International English School. What an adventure we are going to have together.

“I am an American and have spent most of my life in the United States, but I have spent six years in Sweden learning about the culture, language and lifestyle and am proud to call this country my home as well. I am delighted to return to Sweden with my husband and two young sons in January to begin work with the new school and learn more about the Länna area.”

Ms Kelly first joined IES in 2009 as an English teacher at our school in Jönköping, where she also became head of year eight.

She moved on to become Assistant Principal of our school in Halmstad when it opened in 2012, and over the next three years contributed greatly to the success of the school. In 2015 she and her family moved back to the United States of America, but now she is keen to return to Sweden and IES.

Mr Fredrik Åkerman, acting CEO of Internationella Engelska Skolan, said: ”In Ms Kelly we have found a capable leader to lead our new school in Länna. She knows the organisation inside and out and I am sure that she will be an exemplary principal, which is so important in developing a new school. She is a real asset and I am pleased that she is as keen to return to IES as we are to have her.”

IES Länna will open in August 2018. To join the queue to attend the school please click here.