Three new IES schools announced

Three new IES schools announced

An early concept sketch of how the school in Södra Änggården might look, by Okidoki Arkitekter

We are happy to announce plans to open three new schools, in Östersund and Upplands Väsby in August 2020, and Södra Änggården in Gothenburg in August 2022.

Cecilia Marlow, Interim CEO of Internationella Engelska Skolan, said: “Over the next few years close to 1,000 new schools need to be built in Sweden for the increasing number of children reaching school age. This is major challenge for many municipalities, financially as well as practically. That’s why we’re pleased to be able to announce three new schools that will complement each municipality’s own schools. We look forward to welcoming all students to modern premises where, in a safe and calm learning environment, they can be motivated to do their best.”

The school in Östersund will be centrally located, in the former Palmcrantzskolan building. Opening is planned for the 2020/21 academic year, and the school will be a compulsory school with two parallel classes for grades F–9, and will accommodate approximately 600 students when fully developed.

Families interested to place their children in the queue for the school in Östersund can now do so at this link:

The school in Upplands Väsby is located in a quiet neighbourhood with several green areas. The school is scheduled for completion by the 2020/21 academic year and will be a compulsory school with two parallel classes for grades F–9. When fully developed, the school will accommodate approximately 600 students.

An interest list has also been opened for the school in Upplands Väsby, and families can register here: . Once all the requirements to open a school are in place, including permission from the Swedish Schools Inspectorate, Skolinspetionen, this interest list will be converted into an official queue, and the date that families registered will become their queue date.

The school in Gothenburg (architect's visualisation above) is located just west of the city centre, in Södra Änggården, which is an entirely new neighbourhood that is equally close to nature and the city. The area is part of a project conducted by the City of Gothenburg in close partnership with municipal, private and cooperative players in the construction industry and encompasses a large number of residential properties. Completion of the school is planned for the 2022/23 academic year. It will be a compulsory school with three parallel classes for grades F–9, and will accommodate approximately 900 students when fully developed.

A queue for the school in Södra Änggården will be opened closer to the planned opening, if you would like to be informed when the queue opens please email 

The queues for our schools operate on a first come, first-served basis, and those who apply sooner are more likely to be offered a place. The first offers of places are usually sent out in the spring before the school opens.

As the projects progress we will launch websites for each school, which will provide more information to families in the local area.

Thousands of IES graduates move on to new challenges

Thousands of IES graduates move on to new challenges

As the class of 2019 graduated, more than 3,600 IES students throughout Sweden have been awarded their school diplomas and gleefully thrown their hats into the air.

With laughter, tears and hugs, students bid a fond farewell to each other and their favourite teachers at ceremonies to celebrate their hard work.

The graduation ceremony, with its iconic blue caps and gowns is an important part of the tradition of Internationella Engelska Skolan - a right of passage for students to mark their achievements over several years of education.

It is an American-style graduation, with speeches and performances of live music from the student body.  It also includes a strong nod to Swedish culture as schools sing Du Gamla, Du Fria and Den Blomstertid Nu Kommer.

Phil Boyd, principal of IES Västerås spoke to students, their families and friends at a packed Aros Congress Center (right).  He said: "Every student in this room has been taught good values and habits, being on time, meeting deadlines, being courteous and of course going the extra mile with hard work, saying please and saying thank-you.

"These are the routines and habits you must keep with you forever.  Throughout your life you will meet many people. Many will also share your habits and many will not. You will meet people with values that you respect and you will adopt theirs as your own as well."

Meanwhile Evy Holmerson, principal of IES Tyresö addressed the audience, including hundreds of students, at Nacka Aula.

She said: “It’s absolutely amazing to finally stand before you, looking at you, young adults, ready to fly off, leaving IES Tyresö behind you and moving on to new challenges and opportunities.

"Some of you I have followed from grade five, and you have grown. Your self-esteem and your knowledge in different areas have become greater.  I have no doubt that you will manage to achieve whatever you want, and what you put your heart into."

Principal Evy Holmerson, honours the IES Tyresö students with the best academic results.

She also had advice for those about to start grade nine in August.  She added: "As I turn to you, students in grade eight, next year it will be you sitting here with those blue caps and gowns, ready to fly off into the world.  Make the best of your upcoming year, study hard, but also remember to have fun.”

The Class of 2019 - IES Västerås.

Graduating students emerge to meet their families - IES Tyresö.

Teachers' Performance - IES Västerås


Anna Sörelius Nordenborg appointed new CEO of Internationella Engelska Skolan

Anna Sörelius Nordenborg appointed new CEO of Internationella Engelska Skolan

The board of directors has appointed Anna Sörelius Nordenborg as the new President and CEO of Internationella Engelska Skolan i Sverige Holdings II AB (IES or Internationella Engelska Skolan). She will succeed Cecilia Marlow who has been the Interim President and CEO since 21 January 2019. Cecilia Marlow will continue to serve as a board member of IES. Anna Sörelius Nordenborg will assume the role of CEO on 14 December 2019 at the latest.

Anna Sörelius Nordenborg has extensive strategic and operational experience of building up and developing organisations in rapidly growing businesses. Anna most recently served as Country Manager, Sweden, for Anicura, where she participated in the development of the company into one of Europe’s leading providers of veterinary care. Anna holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering Physics from the Royal Institute of Technology and her previous roles include Vice President Business Development at Sandvik Mining and Engagement Manager at McKinsey.

Birker Bahnsen, Chairman of IES’s board commented: “Anna has shown outstanding leadership and results in previous roles by creating a work environment where employees feel secure and know what is expected of them. Her method of working and leading, as well as her values, reflects exactly what IES is trying to create for the students in its schools. Anna’s experience in consolidating a fragmented market will also prove valuable for IES’s continued expansion in Sweden and abroad. We are delighted to welcome Anna as CEO.”

Anna Sörelius Nordenborg commented: “Education is one of the key issues in our society. It therefore feels enormously stimulating to have this opportunity to work for a school that is so dedicated to its students and so motivated to help everyone do their best, regardless of their background. I am impressed by IES’s culture and philosophy and am really looking forward to leading this important societal and entrepreneurial organisation forward.”

Birker Bahnsen adds: “I would like to thank interim CEO Cecilia Marlow for her great contribution during this transition period. Under her leadership IES has performed well in all aspects which gives Anna the very best starting point."

Pythagoras Quest victory for two IES schools

Pythagoras Quest victory for two IES schools

Mathematicians (L-R): Marc Tudosoiu, Erik Bryland and Emil Scharin

IES students won the gold and silver prizes in national mathematics contest Pythagoras Quest 2019.
While the team from IES Lund won the contest, their counterparts from IES Uppsala took second place. Both teams recorded a perfect score until the decider question, when the fastest team with the right answer won.  On the day, that meant that IES Lund went home with the win.
Erik Bryland was part of IES Lund’s team for the third time. He said: “It feels really good to win, I have competed with five different people over the years. When I participated in seventh grade, we came fifth in the regionals, when I was in eighth grade we came fifth in nationals, and this time we won.”
"I think taking part three times made me more comfortable in the competition, maybe I can think more clearly when I am there, because I am more comfortable."
Marc Tudosoiu, fresh from his victory in Spanish during Il Competition, was also part of the winning Pythagoras Quest team. He said: “A challenge like this motivates you to study further, if you only stay at the level presented in class it is hard to develop your skills. This is why it is important to join these kinds of competitions as well, to keep yourself motivated to study more.
"We were expecting to be in the top three, we didn’t know we would be first, we knew the other teams were talented as well. We had met the team from Uppsala before the competition and they were very good at maths as well, so we were expecting top three but not first place."
The popular annual maths competition focuses on students working together in groups of three.  The competition sees students compete within their school to make the school’s team before facing off against other schools in their region.  The winning 16 teams are then invited to Malmö Borgarskola to compete in the national final.
The news was welcomed by Damian Brunker, head of academics and quality at Internationella Engelska Skolan.  He said: “We are delighted and extremely proud that our students have taken first and second place again this year. Commitment, hard work and grit have delivered results."
"We'd also like to thank the teachers who have provided the quality instruction required to help our students achieve these awards."
Erik and Marc had advice for anyone hoping to take part next year.
Erik said: “Look at old problems, there are a bunch of different contests in different parts of the world.”
Marc agreed: “We practiced on Fridays with past tests. Do many old tests, this competition links past tests on their website, it is always good to take a peek at them to know what it is about so you are more prepared."

Video: IES Johanneberg student wins singing and language contest

Video: IES Johanneberg student wins singing and language contest

Singing in Spanish helped Emilia Söderlund (above, centre, with her teacher Mr Vary and her mother) from Internationella Engelska Skolan Johanneberg to win a language and music competition for IES schools.

Each year schools compete in a Eurovision-inspired contest, which sees students sing in languages other than English or Swedish.

This year 13 schools took part in the competition at IES Sundsvall – who hosted because they won the competition last year, in true Eurovision style.

Those competing sang in French, German and Spanish, in front of hundreds of students, and a jury made up of language and music teachers, at Tonhallen in Sundsvall.

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Video of the winner's reprise: Emilia Söderlund from IES Johanneberg

After a tense judging process considered the linguistic and musical talents of the very strong entries this year, Mr Brisson, principal of IES Sundsvall, announced the results.
While Emilia took first prize, a team from IES Eskilstuna (left), made up of Tamara Abood, Farah Mouhi, Eira Ankarfjärd and Darian Mather came second, while Cecilia Nilsson from IES Lund (below, right) came third.

Other schools who made the journey to Sundsvall to take part in this year’s contest included IES Bromma, Huddinge, Kista, Landskrona, Liljeholmen, Tyresö, Täby, Västerås and Årsta.

After performing David DeMaría song Cada Vez Que Estoy Sin Ti and receiving her trophy Emilia told the audience: "Thank you so much, I did not think I was going to win since there are so many talented people here and they were really great. Give them applause, please.”

After she left the stage she added: “I am grateful that I had this chance today, and I want to thank everyone, but especially my Spanish teacher Señor Rios, my music teacher Mr Duckworth, Mr Vary for coming with me, and my parents for being there with me and supporting me.

"This was my first time taking part in Eurovision, it was exciting but then I heard the other schools singing and they were so good, so I got nervous, but it was exciting.

"When I heard the winner announced, I said ‘well, that’s me’. I thought that Sundsvall would win again because I think she was really good and deserved to win.

"I have been studying Spanish for three years. I would not have believed three years ago that I could win today, but my music teacher told me that I should be here and he helped me, and here I am.”

Emilia’s victory means that next year the contest will be hosted by IES Johanneberg. She gave advice for all students thinking of taking part: “Believe in yourself, do what you like to do, and do not worry about what others think."

Winning turn: Emilia performing in front of judges