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News | 31 January 2024

Regarding the recent media reporting about IES Växjö

The initial inspections carried out by the Skolinspektionen of all newly opened independent schools are an important part of the quality assurance of the operations. The authority provides important feedback on what works well and what needs improvement. When the Skolinspektionen did its first inspection of IES Växjö last year, we received comments on some areas for improvement. Of the points of view that came forward, we have addressed 5 and have one left: Swedish teaching credentials (svensk lärarlegitimation) for our language teachers.


All language teachers at our school are educated in their home countries with approved teaching degrees. The reason why three of them lack a Swedish teaching license is that they have not had time to learn enough Swedish to be able to apply for it. In the meantime, we have advertisements about the positions in languages, with the hope that someone with lärarlegitimitation will show interest.


It is also important to point out in this context that international teachers with foreign teaching qualifications are considered competent in Sweden if they teach in English, thanks to an exception in the Education Act (skollagen) that was added to do just this. Unfortunately, language teachers are not covered by that exception, which we think is wrong.


We know today that there is a great shortage of teachers and we see the advantages of being able to recruit personnel from other countries to curb part of the shortage that exists in our country. By hiring staff from other countries, who are trained teachers, we contribute to giving your children the education required - regardless of which country they come from. However, we are still a Swedish school where the majority of teaching takes place in Swedish.


There is naturally more movement at a new school that is establishing itself. We work continuously to develop and strengthen the quality of the operations, and Skolinspektionen's first inspection has contributed with important points of view. Anyone who wants to know more is welcome to contact me or Principal Ben Owens.



/Mona Pfaus, assistant principal