Quality is deeply embedded in our DNA

Internationella Engelska Skolan’s Quality Report (available in PDF below) is designed to communicate openly about the work that IES does. It allows readers to consider how our schools are performing across a range of metrics, to compare with other schools, and to see performance over time. The quality report will be published annually.


IES’s quality process

Quality report for Internationella Engelska Skolan 2021-2022

Welcome to Internationella Engelska Skolan’s quality report covering the 2021–2022 academic year. IES operations are based on respect for our students and an aspiration that their school life will equip them with the best possible tools for adulthood – both in the form of knowledge and social skills. Regardless of their background, students must be given every chance to reach their full potential. Succeeding in this objective is our primary measure of quality.

We have worked systematically with our quality processes over many years so that we can measure how well we succeed and identify where there is room for improvement. These processes have been developed over decades of targeted engagement to improve our quality along with thorough follow-up and evaluation. Since the 2020/2021 academic year we have summarised our work in this annual quality report.

We have grown continuously ever since we were established 29 years ago and we are currently one of the largest independent schools in Sweden, with 46 schools, 32,000 students and 240,000 registrations in the queue for our schools. One of our critical success factors is that we always endeavour to see each individual, and to never give up on any student. Those who need support should be supported, and those who need to be challenged should be challenged.

Our organisation is founded on three strong principles that together form our ethos. One of these is the high academic expectations we have for every student. Another is to provide the students with an opportunity not only to learn English, but to gain such a good command of the language that they can continue to study and work in English – a key to the world. We also constantly strive to create a safe and calm environment that enables learning.

Just like in the previous academic year, our schools were again affected by the pandemic in 2021–2022. This led to greater sickness absenteeism amongst students and personnel and an increased sense of insecurity. Now that the pandemic is hopefully behind us, we are continuing our work to enhance quality further and become an even better school for our students. Schools fulfil one of the most important functions in society, and quality in schooling is essential to students’ future prospects.