Internationella Engelska Skolan Södertälje is an bilingual Förskoleklass to Year 9 school with a safe and calm environment, where teachers can teach and students learn.

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Welcome from the principal

Welcome to Internationella Engelska Skolan in Södertälje! 
My name is Mr. Sam West and I have been principal here since August 2019. 

Originally from Manchester, England but Sweden has been my adopted home since 2011. Initially, I studied as a mathematician and then continued to complete teacher training in 2004 in Liverpool. I was a maths teacher for 12 years before taking on a school leadership position in 2015.

IES Södertälje is a Förskoleklass to Year 9 school with 788 students, characterised by IES culture, which is built upon three grounding principles:        

  • A safe and orderly school environment where teachers can teach and students learn.

  • High academic expectations and aspirations.

  • Command of English.

I believe that these are a prerequisite for your child’s development, and will lead  to future opportunities and success.

IES Södertälje was recently renovated and in January 2022, we opened a new custom built gym to complete our facilities. In August 2022 we opened for classes F-2 and now we are att full capacity of 788 students.

Similar to myself, just under half of our teachers learned their trade internationally and use English as their teaching language. Our Swedish speaking teachers use Swedish as their teaching language, providing an authentic bilingual experience. Combined with our ethos, this bilingualism gives a unique international educational experience for our students and work environment for our staff. All of our teachers are certified to teach their subjects, and are passionate about their work.

We are proud of IES’ reputation for excellence and our national test results, which are some of the highest in the country. This year will be our first year with a full schedule of National Tests and I anticipate that our students will go on to deliver excellent results, which is only what they deserve!

Sam West