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School Food

A nutritious, healthy lunch plays an important role in enjoying a happy and productive day at school


At Internationella Engelska Skolan we understand the important part a nutritious, healthy lunch plays in the successful school day. The founder of Internationella Engelska Skolan, Ms Barbara Bergström, has emphasised for many years the importance of nutrition in an educational environment.  

All of our schools serve excellent food, a vegetarian alternative and have no problem catering to any allergies or special dietary requirements. The school lunch is of course free of charge and teachers and students eat together in the same lunchroom.  The school provides a packed lunch during school excursions.

Klein's Kitchen provides lunch and breakfast at IES Tyresö. They also run a cafe for the students which is open during certain hours of the school day, and serves only healthy food and drinks.

At IES Tyresö no nuts of any kind are allowed to be served or eaten by students or staff.

Students and staff are restricted to the lunch room for eating. No sugary snacks, candy, chewing gum or soft drinks are allowed. Sweets and baked goods are allowed for special occasions.