Internationella Engelska Skolan Sundsvall is a 3-9 school with a safe and calm environment, where teachers can teach and students learn.

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Life at IES Sundsvall

See daily life at our school

When you enter through the doors of IES Sundsvall, you are greeted by a warm welcome from our staff and our students. In our entrance, you immediately get a sense of who we are through our House emblem, prices in the glass cabinets, and any ongoing school team.

As you continue your walk through the corridors, you see active students having fun on their breaks by chatting with their peers, sitting engrossed in books, engaging in discussions with their teachers, or perhaps students putting the finishing touches on their homework. On our TV screen, you will probably find a bunch of students, who stop by to see who has received a "Super Hero", as a thank you for helping with something during the school day or for looking at which House is currently leading the House competition.

If you go down to the Junior Club, you can meet students who play games, dance, or create pictures and crafts, to name a few of all the activities offered there. When you leave the dining room, you can stop to listen to a discussion in the context of our competition in English, "The Great Debate" or listen to songs and music during a "Lunch Gig".

You will have a mentor who supports you both socially and academically. It is your mentor who will be the contact person between the school and home.

But really, there is nothing like "a normal day" at IES Sundsvall. There is always something going on at our school, from spirit days to competitions in the various subjects. You can be sure that something exciting always happens at IES Sundsvall.