Internationella Engelska Skolan Sundsvall is a 3-9 school with a safe and calm environment, where teachers can teach and students learn.

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School Food

A nutritious, healthy lunch plays an important role in enjoying a happy and productive day at school


We at Mitt Gastronomi think that lunch is an underrated goal and our business idea is that it should "be easy to eat healthily." The focus is on being strong and then you have to charge with the right fuel. Breakfast is a very important meal - it can either make or break your day.

We prepare and deliver more than 2000 portions per day to schools, companies, and in our restaurants. The common thread with us is that we do not use sugar in our cooking. Why should the food taste sweet, when there are so many other wonderful spices to choose from?

We are very careful with salt, as we believe that it is a spice you can easily add yourself.

We cook our food from scratch, the puree is homemade, the sauce is not based on powder, we make our own seasoning, the pan steak is completely made by our chefs, etc. All to achieve as high quality as possible so we can delight our customers every day!

Another thing we prioritize is the green. For each meal, there should be an extensive and varied salad buffet with a number of different dressings. We need to get about 500 grams of vegetables and fruit every day for the body to feel good, and we want to contribute as much as possible of this in connection with lunch.

Our students at the English school are offered the main course every day based on traditional home cooking and more modern new home cooking. A vegetarian dish is also served and you can take whatever you want or both if desired. For this, the student can choose from several different accessories, as we have chosen not to get stuck in the fact that a Sausage Stroganoff is always served with rice or that meatballs should always be eaten with boiled potatoes. Our students choose which accessories suit them and we switch between boiled potatoes, rice, pasta, potato gratin, homemade mash, oven-fried potatoes, and mashed potatoes. Several options are available every day! Studies show that children and young people's interest in food increase if they are given the opportunity to choose for themselves and we want to encourage that!

In addition to this, we have chosen to have a standing right every day. Our goal is for all students to find something they can eat in their school restaurant, that they themselves have the opportunity to compose a plate with food that appeals to their taste buds. No one wins if a student chooses to skip lunch or chooses to eat nothing but crispbread.

We hope that in this way and with this concept we will delight our customers at the English school.

Best of wishes,

The staff at Mitt Gastronomi