Internationella Engelska Skolan Sundsvall is a 3-9 school with a safe and calm environment, where teachers can teach and students learn.

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At IES Sundsvall we offer Fritids for all students in grades 3-4 at both the start and end of the school day. 

Opening times: 6.30-17.30

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Our Fritids offers engaging and pedagogical activities to meet a variety of interests and needs. Our goal is to reach as many students as possible - offering an environment that is safe, bilingual, and stimulating. We work with the school calendar, teachers, and departments to develop themes and activities which create a red thread in the student’s day. 

We love to see every student at Fritids each day, regardless of their guardian’s work or study situation! We organize activities and excursions to promote social development, improve academics, and encourage an active lifestyle. We help students find friends in other classes, encourage curiosity, and create an environment where students dare to explore and learn! The student’s interests are always at the center of our program. 

Some activities we offer: Mad Science, Skaparverkstad, Forest Fun, Tech Club, Arts and Crafts, Homework Support, excursions to the skatepark and climbing gym, and so much more! 

Junior Club

Opening times: after their last lesson until 16.30 every day

Junior Club students are welcome to Fritids during the morning 6.30-8.00 and after 16.30.

For our students in grades 5- 6, we offer an after-school Junior Club. Junior Club provides a wide range of activities and excursions to engage students while providing the opportunity to socialize and make friends with students from other classes.

Junior Club is an extension of our Fritids program where the physical space and activities are designed exclusively for students in years 5-6. As with our year 3-4 students, our goal is to keep students in year 5-6 coming to the Junior Club to encourage the development of skills and abilities. We offer programs 



Breakfast is served every day from 7.30-8.00 and mellis is served every afternoon from 14.00 until 16.00. Students with full-time Fritids can eat both breakfast and mellis. Students with part-time Fritids can eat either breakfast or mellis.

Homework support

Students at Fritids and Junior Club also have the opportunity to do their homework with support from a teacher. We offer homework support every morning and afternoon.