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Introduction to the Erasmus Project


Erasmus Project 2021-2023: Professional development

Participant reflection on Erasmus mobility experiences.

Erasmus Project 2021-2023

Professional development

This project involved our staff participating in mobility activities and professional development courses at various locations across Europe. The project had two main goals: 1) To stay at the forefront of pedagogical innovation, and 2) To cultivate a shared European identity among our students and staff.

In any classroom, each student has unique cognitive, emotional, social, and motivational needs influenced by their development stage and cultural context. Educators face the challenge of addressing these diverse needs, making informed decisions that are coherent for the group while being relevant to each individual. Thus, continuous teacher development is crucial.

In this project, our staff had the opportunity to enhance their teaching skills by participating in week-long courses covering topics such as outdoor education, technology in the classroom, differentiation and inclusion, reading & storytelling, conflict management & emotional intelligence, gamification, classroom management, leadership & enhancing motivation, and more.

During the project, teachers gained insights into effective teaching methodologies and strategies. They also acquired valuable resources for their classrooms and shared them with colleagues. Furthermore, they collaborated and exchanged experiences with teachers from different parts of Europe. This fostered a deeper understanding of the similarities and differences in educational dynamics across Europe. Engaging in cultural activities relevant to each course location enriched their learning experiences.

Upon their return, each participant conducted a workshop to share their knowledge and experiences. The workshops were structured in a Hub format, allowing all staff members to choose topics of interest. This expanded the project's scope and impact, making the gained knowledge accessible to our staff of 125. Additionally, these discussions facilitated further conversations with students and parents, creating a positive chain effect throughout the school community.

Overall, all participants had highly positive experiences, and our school community greatly benefited from the shared knowledge and experiences. The interest in Erasmus projects has grown significantly, and we eagerly anticipate leveraging this popularity in future endeavours.

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Erasmus Project 2020-2022: The Environment and Me

Using cross-border mobility to build cooperation and understanding of environmental and social issues.

Year 9 students from IESS reflecting on their experiences during exchange between schools from Sweden, Spain, and France.

Erasmus Project 2020-2022

The Environment and me and being a teenager

This project tackles two of the biggest questions in the lives of young people in Europe today: “How do I and we relate to the environment”, and “What does it mean to be a teenager in Europe?”. This project gave students the opportunity to gain first hand experience about the ideas of what it means to be a teenager in Europe during our exchange mobility experiences.

This project enabled students to gain tremendous cultural insights into how each culture deals with environmental issues. They developed relationships and important knowledge through these exchanging experiences. The dynamics enabled for the emergence of commonality between three (Sweden, Spain, France) different countries.They developed long term friendships as a consequence. They are still in touch and routinely check in with each other. Therefore, the participants positively influenced each other and formed a collective sense of what it means to be a teenager in Europe today.

The students also gained embodied knowledge through the various activities conducted throughout the exchanges. Hosting schools were able to get a lot of other students, teachers, and parents involved, thus, extending the reach of the project. In total there were three mobilities both including students and teachers. During these three exchange trips we had the opportunity to work with three different sustainability projects that each country planned in detail. The students worked in groups and got to experience and engage within the broader schooling community in each country. In addition to sharing with their classmates, they were able to engage the community.

All in all, we did succeed in reaching our goals as the students did work on the different topics regarding the environment including sustainability, technology, communication, cutting edge research, and need for global cooperation. As a consequence, each participant gained an understanding of how they can personally relate and connect to environmental and social issues. This project allowed for the exposure to diverse perspectives, seeing that mobility and cooperation in Europe is possible, deep connections with people, and understanding that we all have a role to play in environmental sustainability. Through this solid foundation, we hope that students are empowered to continue to take action and inform positive changes in the future.

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"The Environment and me" & "being a teenager"


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