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News | 07 January 2022

Welcome back to school!

We look forward to seeing everyone safely back at school.


Dr Margret Benedikz

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Happy New Year to you and all your family. I trust that you have been well over the holidays and that your child is ready for school. We all hope that 2022 will be an exciting and healthy new year for everyone.

During the last week of the autumn term we had so many inspirational and creative activities for the students that the term ended on a positive note. All the excursions we made with our students were a resounding success. It was a pleasure for staff to represent our school as not only were the excursions fun and educational, but the students also behaved so well. They made us all proud.

We want the Spring Term to start on a positive note. As usual, the school leadership team will be there to greet students when they arrive at school. Students will no doubt take a few days to adjust to the structure and routine of being back at school. You can help them by encouraging them to get 8 hours of sleep, so they are fully rested and ready to go each day. Cutting down on screen time on their computer / phone will also help as many educational studies show.

The guidelines for Covid are being regularly updated at the moment as Omicron cases in Sweden are increasing daily. Please follow the authorities’ guidelines from the Government. Do not send students to school if they are showing any symptoms; if you are in any doubt please call 117 or talk to your doctor.

As it stands now, schools will continue as normal. We will inform you of any changes or instructions we are given by the authorities.

On Monday January 10 the school day starts according to schedule at 09:00. We look forward to seeing everyone safely back at school.

Dr Benedikz