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News | 03 December 2021

End of Term!

We are now coming to the end of the Autumn Term and December means there will be many exciting events at IESS


Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are now coming to the end of the Autumn Term and December means there will be many exciting events at IESS. Our Year 6 and Year 9 students are at the end of their final national oral exams in English, Swedish and Maths. These are the three core subjects in the Swedish curriculum and extremely important for their future studies at Gymnasium level. We see how seriously they have been taking their exams and that they really want to do well.

Next week will be the final week with timetabled lessons before Christmas. The week ends on Friday with Nobel celebrations in school. On Monday Dec 13 our music classes will perform Lucia to the rest of the school. During Week 50 – the final week of the term – many students will be working on projects, going on school educational outings and putting the focus on learning through doing. Please note: it is important that all students come to school on time right up to and including the last day of term.

We will be posting updates and pictures from all the fun activities online, so please follow us on Instagram if you have not done so already, to see what we are doing. Our students really enjoy the activities and we always have such a festive atmosphere at the end of term.

From Monday Dec 6 all students and staff will wear indoor shoes in school. Now that the snow and bad weather is here, we want to keep the school as dry and clean as possible. Please do not forget to make sure that your child has indoor shoes to wear.

We have been so optimistic that the Covid restrictions have been gradually lifted; however, we see that with the new Covid variant we still need to be careful. Although we have been lucky in school so far with only one reported case in November, many staff and students have been sick with a winter bug. Please make sure to keep your children home if they are sick. We do need to try to limit the spread of the winter virus and stay as healthy as possible.

As you have already heard, we had the health authorities in school helping to minister the Covid vaccinations to our students. I am delighted to tell you that they were very impressed with how well the vaccinations went while they were here; they praised our students for being so polite and well-behaved. Our students made us very proud.

This year we have a long Christmas break, so the students will have plenty of time to rest before we welcome them back at school on Monday January 10. I recommend that you encourage them to read both in English and Swedish during the holiday. Reading comprehension is the basis of all learning and the more they read, not only for the school but also for pleasure, the better it will prepare them for their further studies.

Very best wishes,

Dr Benedikz