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News | 20 June 2022

Letter from the Principal - June 2022

We wish you all a wonderful and safe summer. We look forward to seeing everyone back in August!


Dear Parents and Guardians,

We have now come to the end of another school year. Graduation was a wonderful event and it felt like a real celebration as we sent Class of 2022 out into the world. We are very proud of them: so many worked really hard this year to complete Year 9 and achieved their goals. We hope that even those who didn’t do quite as well have learned the skills that will enable them to do better at Gymnasium. Learning does not stop at 16; it is something we can take with us throughout our lives.

There were plenty of activities for the rest of the school in the final week of term. Students and teachers enjoyed Mentor Day out in the open air, Sports Days and the Color Run. These are the kinds of activities that help promote the wonderful community spirit we have at IESS.

Then, as usual, the school year ended with an award ceremony for each year group. These ceremonies were excellent opportunities to celebrate those students who did particularly well during the academic year.

Now we all have the summer to rest and recharge our batteries. It’s the time of year to enjoy many of the wonderful things Sweden has to offer and a lot of fresh air in the sunshine. Summer is also an opportunity to develop skills that will have a positive impact in the autumn. As every year, I would like to encourage students to read during the summer. And when I say “read”, I don’t mean on a mobile phone! Reading for pleasure isn’t just fun; it’s also a great way of developing fluency and vocabulary that will even benefit writing. There are so many stories, topics, and areas of interest that we can discover in books. It is the way we have passed down knowledge and experience for generations. Moreover, studies show that reading books has a positive impact on educational development. So, please encourage your children to find time to visit the local library or bookstore and explore. Please encourage your children to read!

The Academic Year 2022-2023 kicks off in August when all new grade 4 students begin on Wednesday, August 17. Year 5 through to year 9 have their first day back at school on August 18.

To all our families in grade 4-9, further information regarding the start of term in August will be posted on our webpage and SchoolSoft next week.

We wish you all a wonderful and safe summer. We look forward to seeing everyone back in August.

Best wishes,
Dr Margret Benedikz