Internationella Engelska Skolan Skärholmen is an international school with a safe and calm environment where teachers can teach and students learn.


Meet Our Staff

All of our teaching and non-teaching staff work together to creat the best learning environment for the students. IES Skärholmen is proud to have diverse staff members.

leading the school



Mr. Alp

Assistant Principal for the Senior School


Mr. Johns

Assistant Principal for the Junior School

Ms. Juarez

Academic Manager

Ms. Berglund

HR & Head of Administration


Mr. Mullarkey

Student Care Coordinator

Ms. Courtney

Pastoral Coordinator

Student Care Team


Mr. Mullarkey

Student Care Coordinator

Ms. Letelier

Senior School Nurse

Ms. von Rosen

Special Education Teacher


Ms. Samson

Special Education Teacher, Head of House Everest

Ms. Wennerberg

Special Education Teacher

Ms. Yap

Librarian, Head of Year 4

Care and Developmet Team (CAD)

Admin and Support

Ms. Berglund

HR & Head of Administration

Ms. McCabe

Head of Admission & School Administrator

Mr. Sai

Junior Club Teacher

Mr. Kim

Cover coordinator & School Administrator

Ms. Yim

School Economist

Aesthetics Department

Ms. Bicanin

Head of Aesthetics Department, Senior School Music Teacher

Ms. Bryan

Senior School Art Teacher

Mr. Hinrichsen

Woodcraft Teacher, Head of Year 6

Ms. Storey

Junior School Art Teacher, Head of Year 7

Ms. Obika

Textiles Teacher, Head of Year 8

Mr. Pišćanec

Junior School Music Teacher

Mathematics Department

Mr. Heunis

Head of Maths Department, Math Teacher, Cambridge Primary Curriculum Coordinator

Science Department

Mr. Grobler

Head of Science Department, Science Teacher

Ms. Jacob

Science Teacher

Mr. Dunlop

Science Teacher

English Department

Ms. Fenner

English Teacher, Head of Year 9

Ms. Kelliher

English Teacher

Sport and Health Department

Mr. Miller

Head of Sport & Health Department, PE Teacher

Ms. Rensburg

Home Economics Teacher

Ms. Schalkwyk

Home Economics Teacher

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) Department


Mr. Ventura

Head of Modern Foreign Languages Department, Spanish Teacher

Mr. Moncada

Spanish Teacher

Mr. Herrerías

Spanish Teacher

Social Sciences Department

Mr. Dahlros

Head of Social Sciences (SO) Department, Social Sciences Teacher

Ms. Frickner

Social Sciences Teacher

Mr. Gustavsson

Social Sciences Teacher

Ms. Orhan

Social Sciences Teacher

Swedish/SvA Department

Ms. Christensen

Swedish Teacher, SYV

Ms. Rasmusson

Year 5 Swedish Teacher, Lexplore Ambassador

Year 4 & 5

Ms. Braf

Staff Coordinator, Head of Year 4 & 5 Department

Ms. Homan

Year 4 English & Science Teacher, Head of House Sahara


Ms. Heunis

Year 4 Maths & Science Teacher, Head of House Amazon

Ms. Iljazi Teromaa

Year 4 Swedish Teacher

Ms. Hinrichsen

Year 5 English & Science Teacher, Head of Year 5

Ms. Langford

Year 5 Maths & Science Teacher

Ms. Rasmusson

Year 5 Swedish Teacher, Lexplore Ambassador

Mr. Messa

Year 4 & 5 Social Sciences Teacher


Ms. Boulares

French Teacher & Cover Teacher