Internationella Engelska Skolan Linköping is a 4-9 school with a safe and calm environment, where teachers can teach and students learn. From August 2024 the school will teach students in grades F-9. The school is located in central Linköping and the schoolyard is situated within the beautiful, natural surroundings of the 100 year old seminarieträdgården.


News | 30 January 2022

Principal's letter January 2022

I hope you have had a good and relaxing time during the holidays.


I would like to take the opportunity to welcome new students and guardians to IES Linköping. Now we have started spring term and the staff along with our students have had a great start. From experience I know that the spring term goes quickly and sports break is just around the corner already. It is important that our students get to work with learning straight away. I want us to cooperate in this, school and home. Within a few weeks we will also start the work with national tests in year 6 and year 9. These tests can feel cumbersome for our students. We will not grant any leave of absence during the time for the national tests. Unfortunately we start this term as well with handling the increased infection rate in our society. This is something we need to adapt to for some more time to come. I want to refer you to the information letter at the start of the term.

Please see a summary of our most important actions at IESL below.
- Increased cleaning routines, cleaning of surfaces and door handles etc
- Increased use of hand sanitizer
- Minimize group mixing between year groups
- Stay at home at the least sign of symptoms

If you experience symptoms it is important that you book a time for testing, a rapid test can be done but you should always follow it up with a booked test with the public health care. I'm the case of confirmed COVID-19 the person should stay home at least 7 days where of the last 2 days have to be symptom free. If a family member has tested positiv all family members should remain home for at least 7 days. If you are uncertain you should get in contact with 1177.

As an action to decrease infection in society IES has decided to not offer PRAO outside of school. This decision effects our students in year 8 who unfortunately will not be able to carry thought with their PRAO week 4-5 as planned.we have a plan. Based on recommendations from skolverket that the students will work on during week 4 in school. Week 5 they will follow their regular schedule.

Gymnasieval årskurs 9
Today the gymnasium choice for year 9 opens. We want the students to make at least 5 choices. All students have been given the opportunity to meet with our study and career advisor Ms Sheets. If you have questions related to the gymnasium choice you should make contact with Ms Shvets. You can find her Contact information on our website.

After School Clubs
Are clubs are now up and running and our students have the possibility to attend several different activities. The clubs are outside of lesson time and most often before or after school. Right now we have Chess-, Newspaper-, GSafe-, Basketball-, Baking-, Book-, Anime- and Volleyball clubs. This is something that has been very appreciated by our students.

School choice for year 7
As parent and guardian to students in year 6 Linköpings Kommun has decided that you need to make a school choice for your child to start year 7. The choice is done at the website for the Kommun between the 10-21 January and concerns all guardians in the kommun no matter which school or type of school. More information will be sent home to you in a booklet called Önskemål om skola. The majority of our students in year 6 choose to stay with us here at IESL but we want you guardians to make an active choice on the kommun website.

On Friday the 21st of January SchoolSoft will be down due to maintenance. Therefore you cannot report absence of students not receive notifications of absences as normal via SchoolSoft during that day. If you know already Thursday the 20th of January that your need to report absence for Friday please do so. Otherwise you can email the mentor or call our front desk.

Best wishes!
Henrik Svärd
Rektor, Internationella Engelska Skolan i Linköping