Internationella Engelska Skolan Kista is a 4-9 school with a safe and calm environment, where teachers can teach and students learn. From August 2024 the school will also welcome children from preschool class (förskoleklass).

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News | 14 November 2023

Math lesson in year 4

Maths lessons don’t have to be boring and difficult


Tutorial lesson

Maths lessons don’t have to be boring and difficult to engage with. Maths is everywhere and in everyday interactions.This is what our Maths teacher Ms Bhinday is trying to teach to the year 4 and 5 classes. 

Regular lessons all have a starter task with the aim to recall the previous lesson and introduce the next topic. The students all have notebook checks to make sure no student is left behind. The review tasks are fun and engaging, for the tough concepts Ms Bhinday has introduced brain breaks such as exit tickets. Incorporating technology and using Kahoot adds dimension to the lesson structure. 

All classes have checkpoints and assessments, which help solidify understanding and pinpoint which concepts need review. Where additional support is required there are weekly tutorials available to all students. Here there is the option to use manipulatives and other visual aids.