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News | 21 February 2024

Merit Slip

A Merit slip is awarded when a student has done that little extra that no one has asked for, it comes spontaneously from the student and is on the student's initiative.


A group of students joined in the school concert 2023. They also earned Merit Slips for participating in school activities.

In short, it is a token of appreciation.

It can be basically anything during the school day and it can happen at any time when the student is at school: during lessons, during recess, in the cafeteria, during free time... But it has to be an adult who sees and notices it in order to you must be able to get a merit slip.

It can be about being an extra good friend, standing up for a friend, wiping down the tables in the dining hall (even if it's not even your turn to do it), participating in the Lucia concert or school graduations, helping a teacher pick up Chromebooks, be part of the student council or Skol IF. It may also be that some student has struggled a lot in a subject and achieves better results. Sometimes a whole class can get a joint Merit slip because they behaved exemplary on a special occasion or because everyone in the class did well in an exam. It can be about a goal the student has reached, helping other students, being a good role model for other students, having a positive attitude, helping younger students... yes, the list can be made long.

The students can get them during all the school subjects or during breaks, in the canteen, after school or if you are part of an event outside school hours (closing concert, lucia etc.). It can be about a goal the student has reached, helping other students, being a good role model for other students, having a positive attitude, helping younger students.

The person giving a Merit Slip must write a comment as well. Here are some examples of how the justifications can be:

He cleaned several tables in the lunch hall when the other ones did not clean their place.

These young ladies first had an absolutely wonderful Swedish lesson where they went above and beyond to show examples of what was expected of the class. Then they spent their entire break time outside picking up trash.

An f-class student dropped his hat where he could not reach. She saw this student crying and got that student's hat for him. It was such a nice thing to do!

These three students really worked well in the green room while reading library books. They are focused on the reading and show motivation to learn new words from the books.

He was being a great example of how to behave even when others were acting out in class.

Helping with Basketball tournament as a referee.

For a great Lucia performance! Thank you so much! You are so appreciated!

He has had a very hard time in class and has struggled to focus. But today he was very engaged in class and did everything that was asked of him without having to ask more than once. He even had enough time to do some extra work. Well done!!

They help to clean up the Library and arrange the books, while other students did not help them out.

All students were focused on the task and completed their work in time.

When students receive 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15 Merit slips during an academic year, they receive a diploma for their good efforts. They also receive "bonuses" for different levels of their Merit slips, such as fika with the assistant principal (when you have 6 Merit slips), gift cards for a book when you have 15 Merit slips.

Students who collect many Merit Slips also give points to their Houses.