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News | 12 February 2024

IES Sundbyberg Parent Café


The Parent Café is an informal forum where we come together to talk, listen & support
each other as parents and guardians who have the same concerns & challenges that
may affect our children.
The aim of the PARENT CAFÈ is to provide a forum for you as parents to get some tips
as we share some of the trends and solutions that we have seen within the school.
We not only aim to make social connections between parents but also create a safe
space for parents to learn and reflect on their own knowledge of and approach to
The Student Care Team has the pleasure of inviting you to a session that will focus on
how we as a school, work with external support and authorities. Together with the
Socialtjänster, Fältarna & Police, we will facilitate meaningful, reflective
conversations that promote parent leadership and collaboration.
We want to directly engage parents in incorporating measures needed to prevent
negative outcomes in our children's development and promote their social wellbeing.