Internationella Engelska Skolan Sundbyberg is a 4-9 school with a safe and calm environment, where teachers can teach and students can learn.

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Welcome from the principal

Welcome to IES Sundbyberg.

We are a school from year level 4-9 with 853 students situated in Rissne Sundbyberg.

Our school was founded in 2018 and we are so proud of what we together have created. I have together with my students, staff and teachers developed the school since the start with the IES Ethos as a foundation of everything we do.
We believe in high Academic Achievements, a bilingual and international school environment where we focus on a safe and orderly environment. We believe that the learning environment takes place when the expectations are clear and consistent for everyone - students, teachers and staff. We believe in working together where every student is everyone's student.

Our teachers, staff and students are highly involved in our school culture and every year we have different school clubs for students to participate in. Our Student Care Team works preventatively and actively in school every day and the Student Council works close with me and the school in many projects across school.

The Parent Teachers Association has been active since the start and they are a great support in the development of the school.

Since our start we have received high results in surveys from parents, students and staff and the school is highly recommended by parents.

Every year we invite new 4th grades to our school and the intake process is explained further on our web page.

I look forward to every school year and to follow my students throughout the school years.
In grade 9 we celebrate the graduation and the success of the students' achievements.

It is with pleasure and pride, I welcome you to my school at IES Sundbyberg.