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News | 19 April 2024

Newsletter - April

IES Solna
School Newsletter April 2024


Spring has arrived, and we look forward to the sunshine and warmer months! At school, we have been enjoying lots of activities, as well as the usual schedule. Our grade 6 and 9 students are now underway with their national tests, grade 8s enjoyed a successful two weeks of PRAO, and all students will be receiving feedback from their teachers on their progress towards their learning goals.

We have had success in our first Chess tournament, and this has led to more students wanting to play chess in school! Our first cricket match, led by Mr. Childs, took place in March, and we enjoyed an amazing evening with the combination of choirs from IES Bromma and IES Årsta, who entertained us with such talent. The fire services visited grade 5 students, and we shared two parent cafes supported by Solna Police and our school curators.

In the coming weeks, we welcome our new grade 4 students to visit for an open house. JCK Foundation is returning to talk about mental health once again with our grade 7 students, and on the 25th of April, we will celebrate a "Concert of Hope" at the IES Gymnasiet in Södermalm, where students from a couple of IES schools will join together to share their talents. This is a fundraising event for the work of the JCK Foundation. Finally, we will enjoy an aesthetics exhibition and talent show on the 4th of June.

Our Student Care Team continues to work focused on preventative work. Mentors, counsellors, social pedagogs and nurses work together on workshops and presentations in classes in correlation to Plan Mot Kränkande Behandling. This work is led by Ms. Zenkert as part of her förstelärare project.

The health initiative #MovewithIES continues to implement activities during break times, and our school council is working together to agree on our new Sugar Smart Policy. Please support us to promote the importance of healthy eating and physical activity at home too! Teachers are working with brain breaks during their lessons which is a short break from whatever they are working on to encourage concentration and energy levels. This is one of the goals of the health project! In May, we will once again participate in the competition Hopprepsskoj where we between May 13th-24th will count our skipping rope jumps to compete against other schools in Sweden. Please encourage your child to participate! We will share more information closer to the event. We also want to remind you to speak to your child about the importance of wearing a helmet when biking to school now when the spring is around the corner. 

Teachers have now provided students with subject feedback talks with their classes. This is an opportunity for students to have one-to-one time with their respective teachers and find out how they have been progressing in their subjects. Students do not receive a grade during the talks but rather feedback that informs students of what they are doing well and how they can possibly improve. Written feedback will also be posted in SchoolSoft.

Ms Gavin - Principal