Internationella Engelska Skolan Södertälje is an bilingual Förskoleklass to Year 9 school with a safe and calm environment, where teachers can teach and students learn.

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Student Health

The student health team works to promote students' learning, development and health as well as to prevent illness

At IES Södertälje our student health team acts as an integral part of the school. Together, the team works in unison with our teaching staff to both implement and assess proactive and preventative measures aimed at fostering and supporting the optimal learning conditions for our students.

The student health team collectively incorporates and deploys medicinal, psychological, and sociological practises to ensure that the needs of every student are met. 

The student health team comprises the work of: special pedagogs, school counsellors, special teachers, medical professionals, and student assistants to provide comprehensive care for our student body. 

You can find information about the roles which make up our student health team on the organisation's website, here.

Confidentiality (tystnadsplikt)

All student health staff adhere to patient confidentiality whilst working with our students and other necessary staff members under the regulation of School Law (Skollagen) and the Patient Safety Act (Patientsäkerhetslagen).

Contact details for Student Care Team

Mr Douville / Student Care Coordinator
Telephone: 070-9706839