Internationella Engelska Skolan Södertälje is an bilingual Förskoleklass to Year 9 school with a safe and calm environment, where teachers can teach and students learn.

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We offer fritidshem to children in Year F to 6.

Förskoleklass to Year 6

Opening hours: 06.30-18.30

Contact information
Telephone F to Year 2: 08-12017281
Telephone Year 3 to 6: 08-12017282
Email fritids: 

If you are interested in fritids you can get an application form from SchoolSoft, fritids, your childs mentor or from reception. NOTE! The processing time is usually two weeks, so therefore we must received the application two weeks before the date you wish your child to start fritids. We charge the same rate as Södertälje kommun.

Our fritids is a bilingual pedagogical center that works closely with the school's other departments.

Fritids is a safe and fun place where our students can spend time before and after school. Our staff arranges activities and various projects with the students where they get plenty of opportunities to play, play games and get to know friends from other classes. The program is fun, stimulating and created to encourage children's curiosity and willingness to learn.

At fritids we apply the same kind of rules and routines as the rest of the school, but we make sure that fritids is a place where the students can be a little more relaxed and feel more creative.

Every week we organize educational games and controlled activities that the students can choose wheter they want to participate in or not. There are always several different options to choose from. All our staff are educated so ensure that all studets have a meaningful time at fritids and where the students can feel safe.