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News | 12 May 2023

Students at IES Kista best in English in all of Stockholm

Emanuel Malm and Namar Faisal from IES Kista are the best in English of all the elementary school students in the region


The International Language Competition is held once a year, where participants from primary and secondary schools throughout Sweden can compete in modern languages and Swedish.

Several thousand competed in the qualifiers, only a small number made it to the regional final - then Namar and Emanuel from IES Kista won it all, and came among the top five in the country after a run to the national final.

The fact that they have both become so good at English has to do with the fact that they go to a school where the teaching takes place in that language, they believe.

"It wasn't possible to study for the competition right away, then we would have had to study for several years, so it's about us being exposed to English here all the time, I think", says Emanuel.

"It becomes a good spiral – we speak English at school and therefore get a good grasp of the language – which means that we can consume most things in English without problems, and in this way we are exposed to it even more", says Namar.