Internationella Engelska Skolan Kista is a 4 -9 school with a safe and calm environment, where teachers can teach and students learn.

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IES Kista School Houses

IES Kista has a school House System which encourages teamwork, cooperation, mutual values and a spirit of healthy competition.

Internationella Engelska Skolan Kista has a house system and every student is assigned a house when they join the school. The house system is designed to encourage teamwork, cooperation, mutual values and a spirit of healthy competition. 

There are four houses teams and each of the house teams have been named after a famous Swedish Scientist: Linné, Celsius, Hammerström and Meitner.

How can students get house points? 

  • Participating in monthly theme days
  • Events on House Days
  • Library Challenges
  • Class Challenges: Monthly class challenge announced in mentor times for attendance, preparation, lining up, food waste, etc..
  • Kista Cup: In school competitions throughout the year
  • Clubs and Events Sign Up: Sign up for the talent show, art competition, Kistaloppet, STEAM, language competitions
  • Club Commitment: Completing the event or sticking with the team/club for the full season
  • Tutorials: 1 point for showing up, 2 points per effective tutorial (subject specific varied through the year)
  • Mentor Challenge: Any separate challenges we want to make available for mentors
  • Value Up Challenge: A Kindness and Self Worth campaign
  • Parent Points: When parents attending in person/online events; first contact with mentor


What can you do with your House Points?

Each House Point Milestone reached will automatically give the student an item of school swag, including t-shirt, waterbottle, socks, keychain, hats and hoodie. 

In the past House Events/ Days at IES Kista have included: House Bingo, House Colours, Crazy Hat and Hair Day, Twin Day, Jersey Day, Odd Sock Day and Pyjama day.