How do you process the student admisson?

The student intake process begins the year before students enter grade 4. During the fall term, we reach out to everyone in the queue to confirm their continued interest in remaining on the list and starting in grade 4.

If for any reason you no longer wish to secure a place for grade 4 but still want to remain in the queue, this is your opportunity to update your application with a new queue date. Once an offer has been extended, you can no longer change the start year without rejoining the queue.

In January, we offer placements to the first 96 children in the queue for grade 4. Following this, the intake process continues throughout the spring. We issue new offers as soon as we receive confirmation that a placement offer has been declined.

Later in the spring, we commence the admissions process for grades 5-9 based on the availability of places in the upcoming year.

To ensure that we reach all individuals in the queue, we utilize various communication methods when extending placement offers. It is the guardian's responsibility to ensure that the contact information is up to date.

For more information about the current status of the admissions process, please feel free to reach out to us via