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News | 16 June 2023

Graduation Day at IES Växjö, 13 June 2023

IES Växjö bid farewell to a remarkable academic year and welcomed the summer break.


The day marked a milestone for students of all levels, filled with dedication and unforgettable experiences.

Captivating performances showcased the talents of our students, leaving an indelible mark on the audience. Accomplished students were celebrated for their outstanding achievements, demonstrating perseverance and setting an example for their peers.

Amidst today’s farewells, anticipation and excitement for the future filled the air. We eagerly await the summer break to recharge before embarking on new adventures. 

As the graduation ceremony concluded, we reflected on the achievements and bonds that shaped this successful academic year. We extend gratitude to our dedicated teachers, staff, and parents.  IES Växjö wishes our students, parents, teachers and staff a wonderful summer break, we look forward to seeing everyone again in August 2023!