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News | 26 February 2024

Solna Students Maths competition

Out of 14 945 students from 94 municipalities two student from IES Solna finished in the top 10


IES Solna’s Mathletes

Two of IES Solna’s Grade 9 students have performed fantastically well in the Pangea Maths Competition. 

14 945 students from 94 municipalities took part this year and Rishi Sharma finished in the top 10 while Lavanya Dawar finished first in all of Sweden!

When asked about how they felt about their achievement, Rishi responded “I was quite surprised, I wasn’t expecting much from the competition”, and Lavanya said “Obviously I was very happy! It has been a little overwhelming since the ceremony as I have had so many people congratulate me”.

Lavanya is determined to study an economics programme after grade 9 and Rishi says that he is interested in business. Whatever these two students decide to do, it is clear that their respective futures are bright!

This year also saw IES Solna’s first group of Cambridge IGCSE students receive their results. 30 students completed either the Mathematics or English as a Second Language course, of which 5 students achieved an A (3 in Maths and 2 in English).

It is clear that academic challenge and setting high expectations are important to students and teachers at IES Solna and we are hopeful that these students’ achievements will inspire their peers.