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News | 20 November 2023

Sound Engineer Alexander Martin Inspires Year 7 Students at IES Sigtuna

IES Sigtuna Welcomes Alexander Martin to Inspire Year 7 Students in the World of Music


Alexander Martin

Freelance sound engineer and technician, Alexander Martin, took centre stage as a guest speaker at IES Sigtuna. The event, organised by the Head of Aesthetics Department, aimed to broaden the horizons of Year 7 students and shed light on exciting possibilities in the world of music beyond the classroom.

Alexander Martin, whose professional journey spans stages throughout Europe, shared his wealth of experience collaborating with different bands and musicians. Armed with a mixing board, speakers, microphones, and cables, his mission is to ensure that the musical talents he works with resonate loud and clear, captivating audiences and delivering an immersive experience.

His work unfolds on grand stages, ranging from festivals to iconic concert venues like Gröna Lund. Throughout his career, Alexander has had the privilege of engaging with a variety of artists, both well-established and emerging, including the likes of Dua Lipa, Molly Sandén, Markus & Martinus, Veronica Maggio, Sebastian Ingrosso, Dolly Style, and many more.

Utilising an array of tools, Alexander sculpts the audio landscape, orchestrating the perfect balance for instruments such as guitars, pianos, saxophones, trumpets, and drums. This process, as he described to the students, is where the magic unfolds, allowing the audience to revel in the tapestry of their favourite artists and bands.

The event served as a unique opportunity for Year 7 students to gain insight into the exciting world of music production. Alexander Martin's presentation inspired students to explore the possibilities that await them in the world of music beyond their academic journey. 

Thank you, Mr Duggan, for organising this event for the year 7’s. Thank you for opening new doors of inspiration for the talent which lies in IES Sigtuna.