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News | 23 November 2022


By hook or by crook we made it - 6 weeks to find a work experience placement for 63 Year 8 students! And what a wonderful spread.


PRAO poster used on our Socal Media Platforms

There can´t be a Sigtuna eatery we left untouched and 2 jobs with comparative analysis for a lucky few! Good advice to avoid certain weeks and beneficial to split the weeks with autumn half term holiday. We were pushing our luck with the weather and nightfall but managed - mild and fairly dry. None had an outside job apart from the stables, army, moving between offices/trade fairs and intermittently in nurseries/schools (and I suppose the local Ice Rink counts as outdoors - “Have you got anything a bit colder?!”). “There is always one” but feedback was highly positive from all sides and references a joy to read; the corner stone of a CV/jobs for life skills. Provision made for a wealth of cross-curriculum/entrepreneurial/networking/summer job opportunities. Stort tack o bra jobbat!!

“Hen har skött sig exemplariskt och har överträffat våra förväntningar. Alltid punkligt, framåt och lär sig snabbt. Även gästar har lovordat hen. Genuin, finn hen som absolut är välkommen tillbaka och jobba med oss! Så TACK för lånet!”

The kitchen head at Sigtuna Skolan had this to say about our student,"Our pleasure taking F during the work experience week.  If you need our help next time you have work experience don't hesitate to drop me an email. "

Here is a PRAO experience narrated by s student in their own words.

Sigtuna congregation is Sweden's oldest living congregation (inaugurated in 1247) and even today the bells of St. Mary's Church call you to worship several times a week. Many children and adults allow themselves to be Christened/Baptised here and become part of the Christian community. There are around 15 employees at the workplace. 

The day begins with a morning mass. During communion you pray, sing psalms, receive the bread and wine and I was also in charge of reading an epistle. The day continued with me being a leader to the smaller children. Then I had lunch with the older people. After I ate I was a leader again but this time for slightly older kids. I planned activities doing different things depending on what day it was. I helped in the kitchen, participated in planning and assisted the confirmation candidates. 

The environment was nice. The people were nice to each other and helped each other.  

To be a priest you need to study theology. The training is five and a half years and to become a priest you need to be a Christian and believe in Jesus and God. But there are many professions in the parish, for example chef, educator, gardener, or choir teacher/organist. The training required for a chef for example is chef´s training. 

The labour market looks very good for a priest. The congregations all around Sweden look for priests, deacons, parish educators and so on.

Yes, there do work as many men as women. 

The monthly salary is from around 40 000kr - 50 000kr.

To become a priest, you first need a Master's degree in theology or religious studies and to be accepted as a priest candidate in a Diocese. This is followed by a year of final studies at the Church of Sweden's Educational Institute. You become a priest in one of the Church of Sweden's ordination services.

The pros of being a priest is that it is exciting to meet so many people in such different walks of life. As a priest, you meet everything from those who have just been born at e.g. Christening and those who have lived a whole life at e.g. a deathbed/funeral. Then you get to participate in everything in between, children and family groups, confirmation candidates, young people of the Church of Sweden, wedding couples, etc. One of the advantages is that it is very variable as one day is never the same as another.

Yes, I do consider myself working in this profession in the future. That is because I found it very interesting and fun working there. I enjoyed doing the tasks and work. 

The most important aspect for me when choosing a job is the vocation because I have to like what I am doing. That is because I am going to spend a big time of my life at work, almost daily. And if I am going to hate my work it means that I will be unhappy the majority of the time. But if I do like my work/profession, then I will be satisfied and look forward to work. Maybe not look forward to it but at least do not dislike the thing I will do almost everyday. That is why I consider vocation most important when choosing a job.

Ms. Österman, Ms.Boersma, Mr. Collins, Messrs Safar, Mr. Hummer, Mr. Duggan; Ms. Louw , Ms. Onishi and Mr. Musimbi in the wings and Mr. Hartfree.


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