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News | 18 August 2023

IES Sigtuna Welcomes New Assistant Principal, Mr. Clement

Embracing Excellence: IES Sigtuna Welcomes New Assistant Principal, Mr. Clement.


Mr. Paul Clement

We are thrilled to introduce and warmly welcome Mr Clement as our new Assistant Principal at IES Sigtuna. With a passion for education and a wealth of experience, Mr Clement is set to make a positive impact on our school community.

Coming from Ontario, Canada, Mr Clement’s journey in education has been nothing short of inspiring. Having grown up overseas, and completed his studies there, he brings a unique blend of international perspectives to our school, and his dedication to education led him on a transformative journey, which ultimately brought him to Sweden in 2013. 

Upon arriving in Sweden, Mr Clement joined the team at IES Hässelby as a Mathematics teacher. Over the years, he’s showcased his versatility and leadership skills by taking on roles such as a Teacher, Head of Year, Head of Department, Behaviour Coordinator, Junior School Coordinator, and Assistant Principal. His comprehensive experience makes him a valuable asset to our school’s leadership team. 

Mr Clement’s commitment to fostering a vibrant learning environment, combined with his diverse roles and international background, make him an ideal fit for IES Sigtuna. His enthusiasm for education and dedication to student success are qualities that we are excited to embrace. 

Let’s extend a warm welcome to Mr Clement as our Assistant Principal, as we embark on a new chapter of growth and excellence together. We look forward to the positive impact he will undoubtedly make on our students, staff, and school as a whole.