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News | 06 February 2023

IES Sigtuna Hosts Highschool Fair

Yesterday, IES Sigtuna hosted its inaugural High School Fair for our Year 8 and 9 students. 
Attendees had the opportunity to visit several booths, staffed by representatives from various high schools, to learn more about the different educational options available to them when they move to High School. 


In attendance were Arlanda Gymnasiet, Praktiska Gymnasiet, SSHL, Internationella Gymnasiet, Bergstrands Gymnasium, Kulturama, Katedralskolan and Grillska Gymnasiet. 

Ms. Olsson, the Assistant Principal from Internationella Gymnasiet in Uppsala, said it was nice to be there to meet the students and parents and to see the school. The students asked Ms. Olsson about Social Sciences and Care Work at her High School. 

The students thought that it was a good idea to host the School Fair. This is because it gave Year 8 and 9 students an idea of possible career paths for their future. 

Praktiska Gymnasiet gave practical demonstrations incorporating virtual reality gear to demonstrate how electrical installations are done. Attendees got a feel for how these tasks are performed by immersing themselves in a 3D environment. This booth was pretty popular with the boys and girls! 

Overall, our first High School Fair was a great success and it gave attendees a chance to explore all the different educational options available to them in the Sigtuna and Uppsala Kommuns. 

A very big thank you goes to our SYV, Ms. Wilson, for arranging this yesterday!