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News | 02 June 2023

IES Sigtuna Holds Inaugural Graduation

The Bio Källan in Märsta was filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment as we celebrated our inaugural graduation ceremony last Friday.


The stage at the venue

It was a remarkable event, marking a significant milestone for our school as our first graduating class, 9A, completed their primary education journey.

With joy and grandeur, the students entered the bio Källan dressed in their fancy graduation gowns, accompanied by the classic graduation song, Pomp and Circumstance. The atmosphere was a unique blend of jubilation and reflection, as students, parents, teachers, and the school community came together to celebrate their achievements and cherish the memories forged during this transformative phase of their lives. Heartfelt student and principal quotes captured the essence of this exceptional occasion.

Our Principal, Ms Schäffer, delivered a moving speech, while the student council President and Vice-President delivered a joint speech reflecting on their time at IES Sigtuna. The MC, Assistant Principal Mr. Bhalla, skillfully engaged the audience with a mix of facts and humour.

The festivities continued with a brief prize-giving ceremony, honouring the year nines who exemplified our academic and character pillars. A surprise guest speaker, Ms. Hawker, joined us to present the Principal's Award after delivering an inspiring speech.

Thanks to a well-rehearsed day before, the event went smoothly. Although we were happy about the occasion, bidding farewell to our founding year 9s was bittersweet. Their well-attended graduation marked the beginning of their journey to gymnasium, while we eagerly anticipate many more graduations with our remaining students.