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News | 06 March 2023

IES Sigtuna “Climateers” Get A Response On The Climate Question

It started out as a bold idea. What if we write the government a letter requesting to know their official stance on the climate crisis? Would the government respond?


Excerpts from the government's response

The IES Sigtuna Climate group fondly referred to as the Climateers by their Patron Mr. Mackinnon, set about to find out. 

Two years five students, Stella and Emilia, took up the challenge and wrote the letter. Mr. Mackinnon ensured it was properly worded and delivered it to the government.

A couple of weeks later, the office of the Minister for Environment responded, providing much-needed motivation for our young Climateers to continue advocating for the environment.

While pleasantly surprised by the government's response, the students are now expecting the government to do even more to combat the climate crisis. With their dedication and perseverance, the Climateers of IES Sigtuna are hoping that their voices will be heard and that meaningful action will soon follow.

A few Climateers proposed having the letter displayed on our lobby screen. The students said that this would motivate other students in the school to start caring about the environment.