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News | 13 March 2023

Breaking Down Gang Culture: Police Solutions for Students

Today, IES Sigtuna welcomed police officers from Sigtuna police station who gave an insightful talk to students in years 7-9.


Joar and John, Sigtuna local police

The officers shed light on their daily routines and delved deeper into gangs and gang violence among youth in Sigtuna Kommun.

Drawing from their experience dealing with gangs, the officers highlighted two key factors that drive young people to join gangs: the lure of quick cash and the glamorisation of thug life in modern entertainment, particularly in Swedish rap videos.

John and Joar painted a bleak picture of the gang lifestyle, warning students of its dangers and how it negatively impacts gangsters' families. They live in constant fear of retaliation and violence, leaving them unable to live a fulfilled life. 

The talk ended with practical steps for students to follow should they be approached to join a gang. It was an eye-opening and informative session for all.