Making the most of each day

An example of a school day at IES

Students thrive when they know what to expect. A well-structured school day helps your child feel confident and contributes to a good learning environment.


Being greeted each morning by the principal is a small act which speaks volumes. At the school gate parents can take the opportunity to discuss how things are going. IES students say goodbye to their mobile phones at the same time as their outdoor clothing. Devices are switched off and locked away so everyone can focus on learning in lessons, and real conversations and games with their friends during free time.

For our youngest students the day begins with fritids, which is open from the early morning.



Each lesson starts on time and is used fully. Students line up quietly before being welcomed by their teacher; this simple routine helps everyone focus from the first minute.

Lessons are characterised by structured, teacher-led delivery. Students receive regular feedback and know what is expected of them thanks to clear learning objectives and success criteria.

Scheduled time with their mentor lets each student discuss what is on their mind. Mentors also make regular phone calls to guardians, so we can work together to promote learning and growth.



Breaks give everyone the chance to unwind with their friends, using play and sports equipment or socialising in a student lounge. Students eat lunch by class, with staff, and enjoy a healthy and nutritious choice between meat, fish or vegetarian dishes. 



After school, younger students may attend fritids or junior club.

We also have teacher-led academic surgeries open to all students. This is a place where students can complete their homework, get extra help, or ask for a challenge, so they learn at a pace which suits them.