Internationella Engelska Skolan Östersund is an F-9 school with a safe and calm environment, where teachers can teach and students learn.

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Life at school

See frequently asked questions about life at our school

You will be in regular contact with your child’s mentor teacher, and they will be the most useful connection between you and other staff at the school. If you need to get in contact with a specific teacher please contact our receptionist at or 063-778071. 

We do educate students with special needs. Internationella Engelska Skolan schools are inclusive. We ask parents to let us know as soon as possible of any special needs or requirements for special assistance so that we can plan effectively and make sure that the most appropriate resources are in place to help your child make progress.

Dress code is not a term we use within IES. Our school rules are drawn up in accordance with Swedish school law and are updated every year in consultation with the student council. They do not cover students' clothing.

We will monitor your child’s progress continuously throughout the year and provide written assessments of their progress to parents & caregivers. At IES Östersund we grade all students from Year 4-9.  Grades are provided at the end of the autumn term and the spring term.  All students (F-9) receive mid-term summary information.  This informs students and their caregivers whether they are meeting the goals for their age or not.  If students fail to provide evidence that they have sufficient knowledge for a subject, teachers will issue a subject warning and provide specific information about what the student needs to do to have the subject warning removed.  

All F-3 students and parents receive regular feedback on progress during development talks and via SchoolSoft, but grades are not set for these year-groups.


Student-Teacher-Parent development talks (STPs) are held twice a year. Students complete goal setting forms with their mentors before the talk is held and we encourage students to talk to their caregivers about these.   This enables caregivers to have time to discuss with their child the progress they have made throughout the term.  Caregivers book their STP meeting time through SchoolSoft.  Meetings are either held face-to-face or digitally depending upon the latest Covid guidelines.  The meeting focuses on the student’s review of previous goals and is a time for the student to plan how they will work towards their next set of SMART targets with the help of their caregiver(s) and mentor.  

Part of our promise to families is to provide a safe and calm environment where everyone can focus on teaching and learning. An orderly environment is something that we need all of our students to help nurture, by behaving responsibly and recognising that school is their workplace. Students have a right to expect that everyone around them will abide by the rules. These rules are set by the Principal following discussion with the student council and staff. See school rules here

Our schools follow the same holidays as their home municipality, and this forms the basis of our planning.  Any differences, such as staff training days, will be noted on SchoolSoft in the school calendar at the start of term.

We have high academic expectations and believe that homework is a useful tool to help students develop independent learning skills.  Homework does not have to be written work, it could be a thinking task, something to talk about at home or a research task. Students are given homework each week, though the amount of time needed will vary by age, subject and student.

Many students are active in the student council, which is elected at the start of the new school year (2 students per mentor class). Our 4-8 student council is led by our Assistant Principal: Pastoral and the F-3 student council is led by our school counsellor. We also have a student food council and a student sports/activity committee.

We always welcome feedback from our students, whether they are part of the student council or communicate opinions via their mentor or another staff member. Decisions in school are student focused and their point of view is important to us.

Most of our schools have an active Parent Teacher Association (PTA). Due to Covid 19 we have been unable to start ours yet at IES Östersund but to find out more click here

How our students get to and from school is up to their parents and caregivers - some students arrive by public transport, some walk or cycle, and some are driven in by their parents/caregivers. 

No, the school does not supply the students with their own bus card. If you believe your child might be entitled to a bus card you should contact Östersund’s municipality since this is a matter for the municipality and not the school.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality of education for all our students, and we value your feedback.

Click here to learn about our complaints process and to submit a complaint on the central IES website

Students are not allowed to use their personal phones at school. If students choose to bring their phone to school, they are expected to lock it in their locker at the start of the day and only remove it when they leave at the end of the day.  F-3 students do not have personal lockers and therefore, if they have a phone with them they must give it into reception at the start of each day and collect it when they leave.  If a student has a smart watch they may only use it in time-giving mode.  If you need to contact your child during school hours, please call the reception or fritids and they will contact your child for you. If your child needs to contact you while they are at school they can speak with a staff member who will help.

No, all lockers have a built in lock with a unique code.  Only students in Years 4-9 have their own lockers.

Students are encouraged to come to school and be prepared for all of their classes.  All students are given an Internationella Engelska Skolan branded backpack and pencil case - these should be clearly named and looked after to ensure that they can be used throughout their time at IES. Students will be provided with basic stationery at school but if students wish to come with their own, they can.  

All students are given a fruit snack and a school lunch every day and we have a no additional food on school site policy.  All students are encouraged to bring a clearly named water bottle to school with them. Fritids students can eat breakfast and mellis every day (contact Fritids for more information.) If your child has additional dietary requirements contact the school nurse.

On days that students have PE, they should bring appropriate clothing with them. 

F-5 students are expected to go outside during their break times and it is therefore very important that students have suitable outdoor clothing with them.  All outdoor clothing should be clearly named.

Every day IES staff and students get to enjoy tasty food together in our spacious dining room.  A vegetarian option is always available and the kitchen staff have no problems catering to any allergies or dietary requirements. If your child has other dietary requirements, please contact the school nurse and complete the dietary form. The school lunch is of course free of charge.

All students eat with their mentor group in the dining hall and lunches are served between 10:45-12:45 every day.  To read more about the school lunch, click here