Internationella Engelska Skolan Linköping is a 4-9 school with a safe and calm environment, where teachers can teach and students learn. From August 2024 the school will teach students in grades F-9. The school is located in central Linköping and the schoolyard is situated within the beautiful, natural surroundings of the 100 year old seminarieträdgården.


News | 09 September 2022

Letter from the Principal September

Now school has really started properly and it is inspiring to see the engagement of our students. This term we have received around 100 new students in year 4 and a few new students in other year groups as well. I am sure both new students and parents can feel a bit nervous about the change and school starting, and we understand that. But you can be sure we are working hard to make every student feel safe and to make sure we offer world class
education to our students.

During the upcoming weeks we are organizing several different activities at the school. Our students in year 8 will visit Kolmåderns Animal Park, students in year 8 and 9 will have Prao, all students will partake in skoljoggen during an afternoon at school, year 4 will go for a day on Omberh and we are also planning an autumn fair. It is fun to do so many activities with our


Targets and priority areas school year 22/23
Every year we set targets to work towards as an organization. We have three areas that we will work with.
1. Effective staff collaboration - working in teams
2. Effective learning - every student learns in every lesson
3. Student behavior - Safe and Calm
To ensure good and effective communication within our organization leads to good quality. To quickly identify and adapt teaching is important. We will work with strengthening the learning process within our students and we will work with the perception of students feeling that the school is safe and calm.

Parent Meetings
During the middle of September our mentors will have invited you to parent meetings. Year 4-6 will meet on the 12th of September. Year 7-9 on the 19th of September. The invitation and times will be sent to you shortly by the mentor. Later during the term we will offer digital developmental talks. We wish that you continuously follow your child's progression on schoolsoft where you can access information about your child's schooling. I know that a close cooperation between our skilled teachers and parents is the best combination for our students to succeed with their goals and reach their full potential.

Information/ School year/ calendar
In these principal letters that gets sent out regularly you will receive information from me as a principal about what is going on at the school in general. The yearteam of mentors will send information that is more specific for your child's year group or class.

Our calendar with dates for the school year you can easily access on schoolsoft and our website. I encourage you to visit both of these regularly as we continuously update the calendar. There you also find the application for leave, contact information to reach our student care team and other information. If you have questions or queries you are very welcome to contact us here at the school. Your first point of contact is your child's mentor. We do everything we can to respond to you within 24 hours on work days. If you email us during the evening or weekends we will get back to you the next work day.

With hope of good cooperation with you during the school year!
Mr Henrik Svärd. Principal