Internationella Engelska Skolan Linköping is a 4-9 school with a safe and calm environment, where teachers can teach and students learn. From August 2024 the school will teach students in grades F-9. The school is located in central Linköping and the schoolyard is situated within the beautiful, natural surroundings of the 100 year old seminarieträdgården.



Our school library

Our library serves as a key foundation at our school. It’s a place beloved by our students that holds a great importance to building their continued academic and social development. Led by our dedicated librarian Ms. Verheyke, it is a welcoming and quiet space here students can come to read, study, or do their homework.

The library is a place to research, with a wide range of special format materials. Students can come to study in a study space made to fit their needs. It is also a place to visit when you need to relax, made to accommodate and be comfortable to students that want to spend their free period diving down into another world with a fiction novel.


Location: 4th floor

Opening times vary, please check with your librarian

Contact: Ms Verheyke

We have a large selection of books and information, which we update regularly, as well as computers which students can use academically.

Our librarian is on hand to help students find the materials they need, to answer questions, curate the library, and of course to lend books.

If you would like to suggest a book that would make a good addition to our collection, please do not hesitate to let our librarian know.