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News | 26 May 2023

IES Liljeholmen wins the IES National Writing competition: Senior school


IES Liljeholmen is thrilled to announce the victory of our Senior School in the prestigious IES National Writing Competition! Among the talented participants, it was one of our remarkable Year 8 students, Ananya Chaubey, whose captivating short story not only secured her the victory but also left an indelible impression on the judges. The theme of the competition, centered around the concept of truth, served as a creative canvas for Ananya to weave her literary magic, and she did so with astounding finesse and imagination.

From the moment the competition commenced in March, the enthusiasm and dedication of our students were palpable. The initial phase saw participants showcasing their abilities at the local level, with winners being chosen for both the Junior and Senior schools. Ananya's exceptional talent shone through, earning her the distinction of being the Senior School winner. The triumph of her eloquent storytelling and profound exploration of the competition's theme were undeniable, propelling her story to the national stage.

The finalists' stories, including Ananya's piece, were subsequently submitted to a distinguished jury for the final National round. The anticipation and excitement grew as the judges delved into the depth and creativity of the narratives. Ananya's ability to convey profound truths through her words captivated the jury, further solidifying her position as a deserving winner.

At IES Liljeholmen, we are immensely proud of Ananya's extraordinary achievement. Her triumph not only reflects her exceptional talent but also stands as a testament to the nurturing environment and dedicated educators who have guided and supported her along the way. Ananya's success in this prestigious competition not only brings honor to our school but also inspires her peers to reach for the stars in their own creative endeavors.

As Ananya continues her journey as a bright star among our students, we eagerly await her future accomplishments and are confident that she will continue to excel in her literary pursuits. Her victory serves as a beacon of inspiration to all, reinforcing the power of storytelling and the boundless potential of our students. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Ananya and wish her continued success throughout her remaining school years.