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News | 01 October 2022

Information about the admission process

Email to register sibling priority is sent to all guardians with children in year 5-8 at school. Sibling Priority is only given if the siblings goes to school at the same time.

The invitation to the information evening has been sent to the children who are first in line of the queue in year 6 and year 5. The school invites more children than the places available, which means that an invitation is not a guarantee of being offered a place at school.

After the Information evening Admission packages are sent out to the 62 first in line in year 6 and in year 5. The package contains the date for the last answer day. If no response is received to this date, the school assumes that there is no interest to start in the school and the next child in turn is contacted with a place offer.

The school compiles the response rate and the next step in the admissions process starts by contacting the next child in line with an offer of place. This process then proceeds until all places to the next academic year in Grades 5 and 6 are added.