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News | 31 January 2024

Aesthetic day Y9

During aesthetics day, year 9 went to the Banksy Exhibition in Stockholm City. The exhibition displayed Banksy's work through the years. Banksy is a famous artist known for his mysterious street art. Banksy's identity remains unknown, adding an air of mystery to his persona. His artworks often carry powerful social and political messages, addressing issues such as inequality, war, and corporate greed. Banksy uses stencils to create his art, and you can find it on walls and buildings all over the world.

The messages of his artwork related to topics discussed in different SO topics, such as the war in Ukraine and Palestine, global warming, and others. The students had the opportunity to walk around the exhibition and recognized some of the work done by Banksy. Lots of questions came up about why he started, who he is and what he wants to tell with his work. It was a great example of contemporary art, how art can tell a story and to spark conversations about activism and the role of art in society.