Internationella Engelska Skolan Järfälla is a year 5-9 school with a safe and calm environment, where teachers can teach and students learn.

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Student Health

The student health team works to promote students' learning, development and health as well as to prevent illness

Student Care

Here you can read about the work of the Student Care Team.

Contact details: Assistant Principal Mrs Bohlin,

The Student Care Team has both a preventative and a responsive role which includes elements of medicine, psychology, psycho social and special education.

Staff involved attend the school's Student Care Team meetings twice a week, and collaborate with other staff as well as with external authorities including Järfälla kommun, landsting and social services when necessary. 

Showing respect for the school's values and people is important for us. We have clear expectations in the school to establish a calm, educational and safe work environment.  Our rules clearly state that IESJ does not accept harassment, discrimination or abusive treatment. The school management is responsible for ensuring that students and staff are regularly trained in these issues during, for example, mentor classes, staff meetings and theme days.

Life skills is an important part of our work, and all classes have life skills lessons twice a month to discuss issues like friendship, conflict, racism, prejudice, relationships, and substance abuse. Our school counselors collaborate with our Life Skills teacher to plan these lessons. 

This school year, we are focusing even more on well-being. Every month IESJ has a theme that Student Care Team and mentors are collaborating around.This term we have discussed diversity, mental health and stress. 

Junior Club is an important part of the work to promote, prevent and discover. There must be adults available everywhere in the school's common areas, in the dining room, in corridors, in living rooms, in libraries and in the schoolyard. 

Our student council meets regularly and brings issues to our attention, and we ask students to fill in surveys once per term to receive anonymous feedback on students' perspective of safety in our school. 

Confidentiality -”tystnadsplikt”

Student health staff work with each other and with other school staff if necessary, and patient confidentiality is observed. Patient confidentiality is regulated by school law (Skollagen) and the Patient Safety Act (Patientsäkerhetslagen).


The Student Care Team members:

Assistant Principal: Mrs Bohlin

Academic Manager: Mr Johansson

School Nurses: Mrs Jonsson och Mrs Carlqvist 

School Councelors: Ms Laurell och Ms Rooze

Special Education Teachers: Ms Pettersson och Ms Rooze

Life Skills Teacher: Mrs Svensson

Behavior Coordinator: Mr Ersoy