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News | 08 September 2022

Drop Everything and Read!

On Thursday September 8th, we celebrated UNESCO International Literacy Day at our school!


On Thursday September 8th, we celebrated UNESCO International Literacy Day at our school. In the world today, 771 million young people and adults cannot read or write. Many more face daily challenges due to poor literacy skills with 250 million children worldwide currently failing to acquire basic literacy skills. Adequate literacy skills directly impact performance at school, future life options and society as a whole. They also fuel imagination, decrease stress, help with self esteem and encourage empathy. International Literacy Day is celebrated in order to raise awareness of these issues and help drive a solution. The theme of International Literacy Day this year is Transforming Literacy Learning Spaces.

To raise awareness in school, we will run a ‘drop everything and read event’. Every student needed to carry a book with them throughout their school day. At a chosen time everyone in the school picked up their books and read. A positive attitude to reading, both amongst families and peer groups, where books are shared and talked about is proven to lead to better results in school. For this reason, students will also be encouraged to discuss their chosen book with their peers and teachers. We hope that everyone can come home with a new found enthusiasm for reading and maybe a good book recommendation or two!