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News | 09 September 2022

School Election 2022

At the Senior school, our students have had a taste of the democratic process by participating in the School Election 2022.


A group of students have been working on preparations since the spring term by, among other things, inviting youth politicians from all parties in the Riksdag to a Politicians' Day that took place at the school on September 6 . Each year group came to listen to a debate with the politicians and had the opportunity to receive answers to questions that the students had prepared earlier.

On the actual school election day, September 8, the student group had prepared a polling station where all students could come to vote. There was a high turnout, everything went well, and the students who worked as vote receivers and then vote counters handled themselves excellently.

Thank you to all the students for two well-executed days, and we hope that our students feel prepared to participate in the country's elections for real soon!