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News | 10 February 2023

Evin Cetin in the house

Evin Cetin, author and former lawyer, has met up close young people whose everyday lives consist of drug dealing and gang wars. Now she gives a lecture to our students!


Illustration of author Evin Cetin

Evin Cetin visited the English school yesterday to talk to students about her latest book "Mitt ibland oss". Her prior experience of being a lawyer and several interviews with criminals has given her knowledge that innocent children and youngsters, very early, are lurked into selling drugs.

She has seen young children at the age of 13 take on small jobs and then themselves become addicts. They get stuck in this destructive world and it is very difficult to try to leave this arena later on. Evin has for many years built a relationship with a group of criminals that she has interviewed and what she has found that they all have in common is that they have no dreams or future plans.

Their lives mean nothing and that is a reason why it is so easy to commit crimes, when you have nothing to live for. She talks about how we can make a big difference in school as adults when we early on believe in these children. She also talked to the students of IESG that they need to act and help out if they notice that their friends are selling or taking drugs.