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News | 22 December 2023

Letter from the Principal


Published date 22-12-2024

Letter from the Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians,


The autumn term is completed, and we are entering the holiday season with a welcome break from school work for both students and teachers. I hope that our students get a chance to relax, rest, spend time with loved ones and recharge the batteries for next term.  


When we evaluate the term we are overall happy with the development of the school. Many of the changes we implemented in August have had a positive impact on the learning environment as well as peace and calm outside of classrooms. Some of the changes we put in place in Year 4-5 were home room teachers, updated schedules and new routines for start and end of lessons. For the school as a whole, we have been working on upskilling ourselves in understanding and meeting challenging student behaviour and through the concept of Lesson Design, provided a differentiated teaching and learning in the classrooms, whereby all students are challenged on their level. Our Assistant principals nowadays work with yeargroups 4-6 and 7-9 respectively, providing further opportunities for holistic work with our students in combining the academic and the pastoral sides.


While we are glad for the positives, we also see that we need to continue our development and next term we are implementing new routines for PE to support the active participation in PE-lessons, as well as reinforcing the presence of staff on breaks and end of the school day. 


The spring term is filled with exciting and important events, such as National tests for Years 6 and 9 (starting in March), PRAO for Year 8 and sportsdays in winter and summer. Already the 17th of January, our annual Cultural Food Festival takes place. We encourage you all to participate and show the school the specials from all over the world. When we eventually get to June, we look forward to the Year 9 Prom and the wonderful Graduation day at Hotel Rival. 


In January, we also have the pleasure to welcome some new staff to school.

Ms Lundkvist McCormac Teacher

M Grapan Teacher

Ms Wackerman Teacher

Mr Ellery Student assistant

Ms Volgsten School economist


And we welcome back from paternity leave.

Ms Holm Student activity leader

Ms Merritt Teacher

Mr Nott Teacher

We thank Mr Jansson for his work during the term, and wish Mr Rawlins a delightful parental leave until May, when he is back. And finally, I would like to thank all of you for your support and engagement during the term. A special thanks to our Class parents and the members of the IES Årsta Parents Association - your efforts matter. 


I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to seeing the students back on January 9th. 

Best regards, 


Mr Gellerstedt




PS, As a small “Christmas gift” to our parents here is a 30 min lecture from the amazing Dr Sissela Nutley on digital media & mental health”.


How to practically support your child with a digital balance, and how screens and social media affect different aspects of a child’s life, such as sleep and homework.