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Dare to measure and discuss quality in Swedish schools

- We have high academic expectations of all of our students and know that a safe and orderly school environment is a prerequisite for helping students to achieve their full potential. We make a difference for our students at our schools every day. It is very positive that researchers can now prove the effect that IES has on students’ school results.  I am particularly pleased that the report shows that this applies to all students regardless of background.

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IES Östersund

Internationella Engelska Skolan Östersund öppnade augusti 2020 dörrarna för 322 grundskoleelever. När skolan är fullt utbyggd efter 3 år har den plats för 600 elever. IES Östersund öppnades för att erbjuda en kvalitativ internationell skola för elever i Östersund och andra kommuner runt om i länet. IES etablerar sig bara i kommuner där det finns ett behov och intresse av att samarbeta kring skolutvecklingsfrågor.  Vi är glada och stolta över det fina bemötande vi fått sedan starten av föräldrar, elever och företrädare för kommunen. 

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Internationella Engelska Skolans remissyttrande

En kvalitativ utbildning i en trygg och ordnad skolmiljö där där lärare kan undervisa och elever - oavsett bakgrund - lära för att uppnå höga akademiska förväntningar och ambitioner är en del av grunden för Internationella Engelska Skolan (IES). 

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Hundreds of new staff welcomed to IES

Hundreds of new staff welcomed to IES

IES knows that a comprehensive induction is an important brick in setting up our employees for success. So this week more than 600 newly recruited teachers, student support, administrators and leaders from all 39 IES schools gathered virtually to get to know IES. 

This year IES is opening two new schools, Upplands Väsby and Östersund, while several existing schools are also growing. To meet the high demand for a school place at IES, hundreds of new staff have been interviewed and chosen in Sweden and internationally. 

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Welcome From The Founder

To speak English "well" is not enough in today's world, writes Ms Barbara Bergström, the American science teacher who founded the English School in 1993.

Young Swedes should acquire a total inner security when speaking English. Our schools offer the best environment for achieving this. An important part of our success is that we provide a secure environment for teaching and learning. Schools should have a calm environment where teachers can teach and students learn.

These founding ideas have laid a solid ground for success. Internationella Engelska Skolan is today the largest free school organization at the compulsory level ("Grundskolan") in Sweden. Some 28 000 students attend our 39 schools around the country.

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We recruit the best teachers from around the world.

Our schools are places where teachers can teach and students can learn.  This is possible  because of the strong emphasis Internationella Engelska Skolan places on creating a safe and calm environment which is conducive to teaching and learning. That environment helps everyone to concentrate on their lessons.

All of our staff pull together to create the best learning environment through the school so that rather than using time and energy to establish the preconditions for learning, our teachers are able to step into the classroom knowing that their lessons will start on time and then run smoothly and without disruption.

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