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News | 07 September 2022

Accidents can be prevented!

Work with us to improve the safety measures in place in the areas surrounding our school.


It's been a couple of day's since the unthinkable happened, a student was hit by a car whilst crossing the road outside our school. Luckily the student involved wasn't seriously injured and is recovering well at home. We have been in regular contact with the municipality and they have now started to work with us to improve the safety measures in place in the areas surrounding our school.
They have started by clearing the overgrown bushes by the entrance to the carpark, ensuring that drivers can now clearly see pedestrians and cyclists coming from both directions. This morning, a team of six police were checking vehicles, controlling that the 30km/hr speed limit was being observed and checking that drivers use the correct drop-off zone.
The management team has now reassessed our risk assessment and will now ensure that a member of staff is outside the school grounds in the morning as well as by the main entrance to ensure the safety of our students.
We will in the coming days see further changes being made to the junctions and road crossings to help guarantee that accidents can be prevented from happening again in the future.
We would again like to thank all of those who helped the student on Tuesday morning, it feels good to know that we have parents who care not only about their own, but all of our students.