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News | 24 August 2022

IES Sigtuna Hosts Politicians

Sweden goes to the polls on 11th September 2022 and IES Sigtuna will be used as a voting venue.


The Politicians

IES Sigtuna will be used as a voting Center in the upcoming September Elections.

To showcase what the democratic process entails, we had the privilege of hosting politicians in our school. Pernilla Bergkvist from the Liberalerna Partie and Marie Axelsson form Socialdemokraterna were in attendance and gave Talks.

Ms. Bergkvist and Ms. Axelsson gave talks to our students in years 4- 9. They talked about the upcoming elections and the important role elections play in a democracy.

Our students demonstrated their knowledge of the democratic process in Sweden and quizzed the politicians. They quizzed them on various topics driving the current elections.