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News | 17 August 2022

Meet The New Staff On The Block

IES Sigtuna will soon have news faces gracing the corridors of our school. The start of the new academic year will see our teaching and non-teaching staff increase by 15 people as our school continues to grow!


The New teacher during their orientation at HQ

It is our great pleasure to have the following people joining our school. Mr. Matthew Collins who is no stranger to IES will be joining us as the Student Care Coordinator. Mr. Collins’ previous posting was at IES Uppsala.

The teaching staff will have  Ms.Kellie Boersma join the Modern Language department as a Spanish teacher.

Ms. Sophia Ankarcrona will also be joining as the special education teacher for Pre - 3. 

Mr. Mohammed Jeilani will be teaching Mathematics and Science. 

Mr. Harald Hummer will be teaching German.  

Ms. Jonalyn Garcia de Vera and Ms. Maria Safar will be teaching in the lower primary classes.

Ms. Sarah Viljoen will be teaching in the Upper Primary school (Year 4 - 6) and Ms Gölin Swessar will be focusing on Swedish as a second language across the school. 

Ms. Sofia Juhlin and Mr. Marius Botha will work at the Fritids Department.

Mr. Nicholas Bassett will be working as a Support teacher and Ms. Zusette Botha  will be working as a Student Assistant.

Mr. Malek Safar joins our school as the Swedish Teacher in the senior classes.

Ms. Linn Onishi is also no stranger to IES, Having previously worked at IES Täby. Ms. Onishi joins the school as the School Counsellor.

Last but not least we will have Berenice Wilson Morgan joining the Admin Team as the receptionist.

We give them a warm welcome to the IES Sigtuna Family!