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News | 14 February 2023

IES Sigtuna Valentines day

On Valentine's Day, students and staff at IES Sigtuna showed their appreciation to the kitchen staff, cleaners and building caretaker.


Cards sent to the Cleaning Crew

Students of all ages wrote encouraging messages which were delivered to Ms. Voula Michaeladou and her team. Ms. Voula expressed her gratitude for the kind gesture. We thank them for their dedication in providing our school with delicious and nutritious food. Ms. Schäfer remarked that it was heartwarming to see everyone come together to show love to our kitchen staff and each other.



Ms Voula Michaeladou from Klein's Kitchen

The students also received messages from an anonymous cupid on their lockers in the form of hearts and positive affirmations.


Ms Saxena, who organized Valentine's day activity, said that it is easy to forget how something small can make you feel special and appreciated. Saying something kind costs nothing but is so meaningful to someone who hears it.